Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A Little Brighter..

Its always amazes me that the ability to change the whole outlook of your day can lie on one thing. Whether it be: a compliment somebody has paid you on your outfit or hairstyle, a good deed or even just spending time with those close to you, it never fails to flip around what seems to be a bad day.
Today a close friend helped me to change the outlook of my day. She reminded me of the importance to stay positive, to take a step back when things start to overwhelm you and, finally, not to bottle things up when things appear too much - something I subconsciously continue to do. She never fails to inspire me with her words of wisdom and such an optimistic view of life; and turning up on my doorstep with a good mag and some beautiful flowers reminded me of how lucky I was to have people like her in my life- people who know about your past but care about your future, the best friends.
Words cannot describe how grateful I am.

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